# Translate for an unsupported language

Translate Open-Realty® into a different language

Translating Open-Realty is not a difficult task, but it can be time consuming. Open-Realty already includes several community-contributed language files, but If you find that your language is not already supported or is not regularly updated by the community, you can translate the English language files into your desired language. The files you should use to make your own full translation are the English versions as they are the only language files that are 100% guaranteed to be up to date with each new release.

First copy all of the English language files and sub folders into a new language folder for your language. The English language files are located within the following folders:




If you wanted to translate OR to use the Klingon language (kn) for instance, your new language folders could be named:




Within the /versions folder

The Open-Realty language files for the installer are maintained in a separate location in the following path and also need to be included for a complete translation:


You would copy the above file to your new Klingon language folder for the installer.


If you open the language files located within the /versions folder or the installer language file in your favorite text editor, you will see a list of array keys and values for the $lang array.


$lang['access_denied'] = "Access Denied";

Change the array text values only, in the above example that would be: "Access Denied", do not modify the array key, which is: $lang['access_denied'] the array key name must remain unchanged. You will need to do this for each file located in your /custom lang folder.

Lang variable updated for Klingon language

$lang['access_denied'] = "Naw' tem";

Once all language files have been translated to your liking, edit the main language list in your new language folder and the English version located at:



Add your new Klingon language info to the $lang array for both files.

$lang['kn'] = '(kn) Klingon';

Once you have translated the language files please consider submitting them for inclusion with a future release.