# Server Requirements

Open-Realty v3 requires the following server configuration.

  • Ability to make outbound connections using HTTP and HTTPS on ports 80 and 443.
  • PHP v7.4.3+
  • PHP GD Support or ImageMagick
  • PHP Multibyte String Support
  • PHP CURL support
  • PHP OpenSSL support
  • PHP ZIP support
  • PHP Short Tag support disabled
  • PHP Safe Mode disabled
  • PHP magic_quotes set to OFF (in all program folders)
  • PHP session.auto_start disabled (session.auto_start = "0")
  • PHP SuExec/SuPHP (recommended for automatic upgrades)
  • DataBases Supported
    • MySQL 5.5 - 5.7
    • Mysql 8+
    • MariaDB 10.7 MariaDB Server MUST have innodb_page_size=32k (or larger) set. Contact your hosting provider to verify, the default of 16k will not work.
  • APACHE mod_rewrite (required for SEO Friendly URLs)
  • APACHE mod_expires (recommended)
  • APACHE mod_headers (recommended)

It is not recommended to attempt to operate Open-Realty using budget shared hosting as these types of hosting accounts will usually be starved for server resources, and will not typically provide all the necessary features and options listed above. If you are unsure about whether or not your hosting meets the server requirements, check with your host and have them verify the list of requirements above for you.

Note: Running Open-Realty using Windows IIS instead of APACHE is not recommended and is unsupported.