# Search Engine Optimization

Open-Realty can be configured to use Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs. These are URLs that appear in the user's browser, and search engines, as standard HTML file names instead of the often cryptic dynamic URLs generated by CMS software that include $_GET variables, actions, and values.

To enable SEF URLs:

1. In OR Site Configuration on the SEO tab change the setting for the URL type option and set it to "Search Engine Friendly".

These URLs can be further configured via OR's Site Config: SEO Links tab if desired.

Your hosting account must be running the APACHE web server and have mod_rewrite (opens new window) enabled for SEF links to operate. If you receive 404 errors (page not found) after switching to SEF URLs, likely, APACHE's mod_rewrite is not enabled, or the Open-Realty .htaccess file is missing, so you will have to switch back to "Standard URLs".